Luv That Art is an online Art Gallery that offers an extensive collection of  African American artwork by some of the most popular African American Artist of today. While offering beautiful artwork, Luv That Art also offers, journals, bible covers, tote bags, mugs, clocks and so much more.

Luv That Art is that place where you can feel confident about your purchases. We are a gallery based on values and integrity.  Our goal is to bring high quality African American products and the highest level of service at all times. We are here to help you find that very special piece for you or as a gift to a loved one that is unique and has a personal meaning to the new owner.

Luv That Art is a 100% Black owned company. Our goal is to be a gallery, where as you browse through the pages, you will find that perfect piece that speaks to your emotion. The hope is that you will find artwork that expresses your true self that makes you feel good whenever you look at it. Art can be that piece that tells people who your are when they walk into your home, office or wherever you decide to display it.  I hope as you go through the pages of Luv That Art, you will feel the love, peace and pride of being African American, and the talent that we exudes from the artwork.

Luv That Art. com
Where Art is an Expression!