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About Us

Luv That Art

Luv That Art -Where Art Is An Expression!

"I remember when I bought my first piece of African American Art. The piece was called 'Land of Near Beyond' by the artist Julian. Fifteen years later, Land of Near Beyond is still on my wall. I love it so much, I can't change it!"

Luv That Art is an African American On-line Art Gallery in which you will find your every emotion. You will find an array of limited and open edition prints and posters that will make you feel love, joy, peace, and rage, which will make you proud to be you. Contact Us if you have any questions you would like answered.

Luv That Art. com was established in 2013 in Rockland County NY.
Starting off as just selling framed African American art,  Luv that art
has expanded its catalog by now selling figurines, tapestries, picture
frames and limited and open edition prints by some of the most popular
African American Artist.

The goal for Luv That Art.com is for it to be a place where as you
browse through the pages, you'll find that perfect piece
that speaks to your emotion. That you will find something that
expresses your true self that makes you feel good when you look at it.
Most of all, Luv That Art.com is that place where you can feel
confident about your purchase. Luv that Art is a company based
on values and integrity. Our main goal is to bring high quality
products and the highest level of service at all times.

I welcome you to take a look at Luv That Art.com, where I hope
you will find your true expression and want to come back again
and again.

Thank You,